10 Strategies for Creating Customer Evangelists

Consumer insights on creating customer evangelists

Thanks to Shep Hyken, author of The Cult of the Customer, for sharing his 10 strategies for creating evangelists.

  1. Recognize that customer service is common sense and deliver it consistently.  Most of us know what good customer service is.  It’s intuitive.  It’s common sense.  However, a lot of companies have trouble delivering it consistently.
  2. The golden employee rule.  Employees and customers are in parallel worlds.  Whatever is happening on the inside with the employee is being felt on the outside by the customer.  As such, do unto your employees as you would have them do unto your customers.
  3. The awesome responsibility.  All employees must buy into the concept of the awesome responsibility.  Everyone must recognize that at any given time, they represent the entire company; the name, brand, reputation, building and ALL of the employees.
  4. Manage touch points and impact points.  Moments of truth are anytime a customer comes into contact with any aspect of a business, however remote, they have an opportunity to form an impression.  Touch points occur on the front line between your employees and the customer.  Impact points are anything that happen behind the scene in order to deliver the product or service to the customer.
  5. WOW with an occasional POW!  While predictable and consistent above average experience in and of itself is good, there are companies that stand out with truly amazing, over the top service.
  6. Confidence creation.  Create confidence by: always doing what you say you’ll do; doing it on time or early; not blaming others for their mistakes; saying please and thank you; anticipate customer needs; under promise and over deliver.
  7. Practice service creativity.  Find opportunities to improve the customer experience.  Ask customers what they want.  Look at what great customer service companies in other industries are doing.
  8. Pay attention to details.  Missing details may go unnoticed by a customer.  However, when the smallest details are handled well, customers become impressed and confident.
  9. Amazing recovery.  When there is a problem, fix what needs fixing.  Do it with a positive attitude.  Act with urgency.  Many times when you fix the problem properly, you restore confidence to a greater level than before you ever had the problem.
  10. Start over.  The best companies understand they’re only as good as their last sale and they must be diligent about always providing outstanding customer service as if this is the first time a customer will do business with them.

What strategies do you have for creating customer evangelists?


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