Top 3 Voice of the Customer (VOC) Companies

Consumer insights on VOC research

Thanks to Customer Relationship Magazine for the following report that gets us to see three companies that are conducting and leveraging results from effective VOC programs (

Forrester Research recognized:

  • Adobe Systems
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Jet Blue Airways

with their 2011 VOC awards during its annual customer experience forum in New York.

The awards are given to companies that “excel in collecting, analyzing and acting on feedback from their customers.”

“Customer experience is personal.  It some down to who holds a plane, a customer care representative who makes a problem just go away, or a barista who anticipates a customer’s order” according to Harley Manning, vice president and research director at Forrester.

“Compared to previous participants, (this year’s nominees) incorporate more customer data, influence more internal stakeholders and deliver more value to their customers and their bottom lines,” per Andrew McInnes, Forrester analyst.

Nominees were judged on:

  1. Clarity of approach
  2. Business value to the organization
  3. Positive impact on customer experience
  4. Innovation
  5. Potential for other companies to repeat the practice

According to Manning, you have to ask, “what is that personal experience that you want your customers to have?  How do you make that happen day in and day out?”

Adobe works to truly engage with customers to act on their feedback and learn from their ideas.

What is your company doing with its feedback from customers to enhance their experience and the company’s bottom line?


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