4-Step Approach to Exploit Social CRM

Consumer insights on social CRM

Great article from Barton Goldenberg in a recent edition of Customer Relationship Management magazine entitled “Overcoming Skepticism to Exploit Social CRM” (http://bit.ly/n2EtzW).

Mr. Goldenberg suggests that many executives fear a healthy two-way conversation with customers.  It’s sad that a business executive would fear a dialogue with a customer but I have no doubt given the amount of time executives spend in meetings and behind their desk rather than interacting with customers.

Goldenberg suggest social CRM is the next logical step in CRM because it:

  1. Enables the capture of indirect feedback from customers on social networks and communities that offers insights into the emotional connection with the brand
  2. Allows you to share innovative ideas by leveraging customer insights that can result in new products and services
  3. Enables customers to help each other thereby decreasing costs
  4.  Generates brand awareness and visibility
  5. Increases web traffic and advertising income

Social CRM provides insight into why more than 80% of internet consumer now search online for company and product information and trust peer-generated content more than company or professional content.

The following are Mr. Goldenberg’s simple four-step approach to exploit social CRM:

  1. Take the time and spend the money to listen to your customers.
  2. Develop a simple social community.
  3. Integrate customer social CRM insights directly into your CRM so all front-line personnel have a 360-degree view of the customer.
  4. Leverage new social CRM processes and tools in sales, marketing, customer service, business and analytics to help drive new product and service sales.

What are you doing to exploit social CRM?


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