Take Initiative — Poke the Box

Consumer insights on taking initiative

I just completed a review of Seth Godin’s latest book, Poke the Box.

According to Seth, the most important key to the success of marketers in today’s complex and fast-paced marketing environment is our ability to take initiative.

In Poke the Box, Godin urges us to let go of the parts of our brain that make us afraid.  The production culture of the past valued conformity.  But today’s economy thrives on innovation.  Those who take the initiative may fail from time-to-time, but they will win over the long-term.

Everyone can take initiative.  Our ability to take initiative, take risks and lead gets challenged and questioned as we grow.  We are taught to “play it safe.”

“Everybody has the ability to go to work and make a difference if they can overcome their fear.”  It also helps when your employer encourages you to take risks and learn from your mistakes.

Today, producing products at low-cost with high quality makes you a commodity. You need to constantly initiate change to differentiate yourself, the products and services you offer and find the next opportunity.

“Stop waiting for a map.  We reward those who draw the maps, not those who follow them.”

“The economic imperative of the last century was to avoid risk, to avoid change and most of all avoid exploration and the new.  Avoiding risk worked then, but it doesn’t work now.”

I think Seth would agree with what I urge people with whom I work to do, “make mistakes early and often, just don’t make the same mistake twice.”

How are you prepared to take initiative in the new economy?



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