10 Questions — How Entrepreneurial Is Your Company?

Consumer insights on entrepreneurial companies

Thanks to Resultrek and their 10-question survey (http://resultrek.com/entrepreneurship.html) that helps to determine how entrepreneurial your team and your company is.

  1. How entrepreneurial is your team? Range of five answers from “excellent” to “poor.”
  2. Our company’s attitude toward innovation is? “First to adopt” to “Very late.”
  3. Our company’s innovation process is? “Drucker’s process — organized, systematic, rational work” to “barriers exist”
  4. When making decisions that involve uncertainty, our top management’s approach is to? “Be aggressive and see opportunities” to “stall the decision and let events decide a course after the fact”
  5. Our company’s attitude toward customers is? “Never make decisions without doing research” to “customers are not considered”
  6. Changes in products or service lines have been? “Quite dramatic — we often bring out ‘game changers'” to “we never change our products and services”
  7. Our company’s support of employee innovation is? “Any employee can spend up to a day a week on any area of investigation they want” to “we look only to vendors for new ways to do things — and they better have a lot of facts and figures to back them up”
  8. Our company’s philosophy of employee interaction with the business environment is? “We expect all employees to have frequent interaction with the broad business community outside our company” to “we keep our people in our silos”
  9. Our company’s investment of resources in innovation results in? “All employees have access to whatever dollars, time and people their projects need” to “we never spend a nickel on innovation”
  10. Our company’s philosophy of training is? “Everyone is constantly updating their skills in a broad range of general educational, business skill and creativity training programs” to “we don’t train, we hire to fulfill skill gaps”

The closer your answers are to the top of the options listed, the more entrepreneurial your team and company.

Team scores are based on questions 2, 3, 5 and 6.  Organization scores are based on questions 1, 4, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

My team score was 70% and my organization score was 63.3%.

According to Resultrek, we are just beginning our entrepreneurial journey.  I would agree with that assessment.

Even though we’re a subsidiary of a 75 year-old company, the new management team has put an emphasis on innovation and training and has enabled our subsidiary to introduce some “game changing” technology in the U.S.

How entrepreneurial is your team and organization?


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