Consumer Insights and Cable TV Customer Service

Consumer insights on cable TVI had cable when I lived in New York and when I returned to North Carolina. Unfortunately, the cable company treated me like a utility customer — like they didn’t value my business and I had no other choices.

When DirecTV became available, I switched.

Fifteen years later it still seems like cable is a utility provider while DirecTV is a service provider. DirecTV provides outstanding customer service and my local cable provider has never provided me with sufficient compensation to consider switching back after the poor service and attitude I received when I was a customer.

I tend to be very brand loyal. Likewise, if you burn me, you’re going to have a tough time getting my business back.

Like banks, insurance companies, telecommunications companies and retails stores, cable companies have reams of data that will allow them to segment their customers based on use, program preferences, loyalty, long-term customer value and myriad other metrics upon which to reach out to customers and prospects with targeted messages.

It’s interesting that in the 15 years since I switched, I’ve never received any personal communication from my cable company as to why I switched — let alone any personalized messages.

I see them advertising for CSRs. Are they telling their CSRs to engage their customers in a dialogue or to resolve as many customer issues as possible in the least amount of time? Has their customer service improved over the past 15 years? I’m not willing to risk it.

Perhaps my cable company needs to learn from DirecTV or Comcast? It will be interesting to see if they ever invest in consumer insights or begin leveraging their analytics.

Cable TV companies performed particularly poorly in the most recent customer report on the top ten worst customer service companies (

Does your cable TV company provide good customer service?


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One Response to Consumer Insights and Cable TV Customer Service

  1. Hicks Pollard says:

    I agree in the broad sense of your comments. I am disgusted with TWC primarily for their lack of service and their constant using the bait-and-switcch marrketing. When we ask for some consideration for our decades of patronage, TWC has responded in the positive; then find a half-price introductry ad in the next week’s fish wrapper!

    Few neighbors in a 3-mile radius show any sign (dish) of the cable network alternative. Former residents commented that they realy enjoyed their wireless service; except when it rains heavily, during electrical interference (lightning), sleet and snow.

    It seems that, either way, 10-15% of the entertainment experience will be less than enjoyable.

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