Customer Service in the Age of Video

Consumer insights on customer service in the age of video

I enjoyed Peter Shankman’s, founder of HARO, interview with Bettina Hein, founder of Pixability.

Customer service is at the forefront of everything your business is and stands for.  Without outstanding customer service, you will not have an audience to tell your story.

Peter notes that in the 1950’s  we had communities within which we shared information.  The growth of suburbs and two income families those physical communities have largely dissipated.  However, they are recreating online and that’s where people are going to get information they can trust about products and services for which they are looking.

Twitter and Facebook humanizes a company and video is a big part of that.

Today, everyone is a content producer.  You need to provide such an outstanding level of service that people want to produce content telling others about the level of service you provided.

Talk about things that other people will find interesting.  Provide information of value.  Having an audience is a privilege, not a right.  If you don’t provide information of value, you won’t have an audience.

Being helpful comes naturally to all of us — it’s good for your audience and good for your company.

Make videos to save time — record repeatable processes to save time and money.

Have people show tips on how to use a product to do things I am not already aware of (e.g., how to set the Facebook privacy settings).

The only people who control the direction of your company is your customers.  You must make customers feel good about your company.

Video is a great equalizer.  When something bad happens, like Dominoes employees in a small market devaluing the product, get in front of it and address it directly.  If you do, like Dominoes did, customers are likely to forgive you.

If you don’t come clean quickly and forthrightly, you will pay.

Determine what’s intriguing about your product and put it on video.  Take the mundane out and make it interesting.

A lot of businesses are giving their “raving fans” flip cameras and asking them to show how they use your product.  What a great way to get endorsements and testimonials.

How can you use video to improve customer service?

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