Employee Engagement in 2011

Consumer insights on employee engagement

The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) just published the results of its Employee Engagement Survey 2011 among 950 business executives.

  • 51% of H.R. communication is handled by corporate or an organizational communications person within the H.R. group.  46% is handled by a separate H.R. communications person or group.
  • 44% kept the same number of communications staff members over the past 12 months while 36% grew their staff and 20% decreased their staff.
  • 52% felt they were able to influence the agenda of their organization.
  • 57% felt they were able to influence the priorities of their organization.
  • 53% felt they were able to influence the goals of their organization.
  • Communications most frequently used to engage employees and foster productivity: email = 81%, intranet = 72%, face-to-face meetings = 46%, website = 41%, posters/flyers = 29%, print publications = 26%, town hall meetings = 24%, virtual meetings = 18%, videos = 18% and social media = 16%.
  • Frequency of listening to employees via surveys, focus groups or other methods: annually = 35%, rarely = 23%, quarterly = 16%, semi-annually = 11%, monthly = 6%, never = 6%, and weekly = 3%.
  • Only 25% of organizations give all of their employees access to organizational social media and encourage them to participate while 23% do not give any employees access.
  • Blogs are the most frequently used social media vehicle by 69% followed by Twitter at 58%, Facebook at 57% and You Tube at 53%.  Surprisingly, LinkedIn was not mentioned.
  • 49% of firms have a policy in place to address employee use of social media.
  • 54% of firms do not have top executives participating in social media.
  • 73% of firms are measuring the effectiveness of employee engagement strategies via formal employee feedback, while 65% use informal employee feedback.
  • 73% use formal monitoring programs for management development while 65% have leadership training.
  • Factors strongly influencing an increase in employee engagement are individual supervisors (44%) and employee communication (39%).
  • Factors strongly influencing a decrease in employee engagement are poor morale (49%) and poor management/leadership (48%).  While downsizing only came in at 38%, one would think downsizing would be linked to poor morale?

After all that is known about the importance of employee engagement and the need to empower employees to be corporate ambassadors, I look forward to seeing these numbers improve in the coming years and would like to know how they are trending.

How do the results of this survey resonate with you?


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