7 Characteristics of Top Salespeople Today

Consumer insights on the selling advantage

Thanks to a recent edition of The Selling Advantage on how selling has changed with the internet and the characteristics of top sales people today.

Seven significant changes in the marketplace:

  1. The marketplace has become more crowded, competitive and mature.
  2. Trust is more essential than ever to close the sale.
  3. Purchasing has become consensus-0riented and is no longer based on relationships.
  4. The capacity to sell value rather than price is more critical today.
  5. Customers are looking for trusted advisers and business experts who deliver results that exceed their expectations.  They are not interested in salespeople who are only interested in selling a product or service.
  6. Buying decisions are being made at higher and higher levels because of the strategic importance of purchases.
  7. Good closers develop strong relationships with prospects.

The difference between top sales people and average sales people is not based on closing secrets or special techniques.  Attitude, confidence and enthusiasm are the three keys exhibited by outstanding closers.

Here are the seven characteristics of today’s top salespeople:

  1. They believe in what they sell.  Top closers start every presentation by assuming that prospects will buy from them.  A passion for their products or services is their most effective selling tool.
  2. They accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative when they’re closing.  Prospects respond far better to positive messages than negative ones.  Top closers work hard to keep out negative influences.  They remain upbeat even when dealing with pessimistic prospects.
  3. They don’t allow themselves to get depressed, even when the sale fails to close.  They maintain enthusiasm by repeating positive affirmations to themselves.
  4. They focus on prospect needs.  The difference between convincing a prospect to buy and convincing them to buy now can come down to a strong understanding of buyer needs.  They use benefit statements to create belief in their products or services.
  5. They speak in terms of value for the prospect.  Top closer help prospects see not only the ROI they’re likely to receive, but how much the absence of their product or service is costing the prospect today.
  6. They listen first, sell second.  Instead of making assumptions, top closers ask questions to uncover why prospects buy and how their buying process works.  They take notes during their presentation to make sure nothing is lost.
  7. They show patience.  They consider the longer buying cycle as an opportunity to educate the prospect.  They recognize that prospects may be under cultivation for two or three years.

Which of these characteristics can you use to improve your sales and marketing efforts?


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