5 Key Findings on Mobile Shopping

Consumer insights on smartphone shopping

From a recent article in Customer Relationship Management magazine entitled, “Smartphone Shopping Sprees on the Rise,” provides and overview of a recent study by Arc Worldwide.

The study, “Marketing a Mobile Shopper,” shows that half of Americans are using a mobile device for “shopping activities.”  This includes comparing prices, ordering and reading reviews.  As a result, retailers must deliver a valuable mobile experience or risk losing the customer.

The study divided mobile shoppers into two groups:  heavy and light.  Heavy shoppers are forever attached to their mobile devices and love experimenting with new applications.  They only make up 11% of all mobile users.

Light shoppers view mobile devices as inferior on-the-go versions of their computers.  You need to focus on getting the basics right for light shoppers showing them how mobile shopping can save them time and money.

The five key findings of the study:

  1. Mobile shopping is a love/hate relationship.  Heavy shoppers love the technology and the apps.  Light shoppers simply use it as an alternative to their computer.
  2. Mobile has a place for big-ticket purchases as well as smaller purchases.  Shopping for big-ticket items, like automobiles, is being treated more casually and consumer rely on mobile to do the work.  Smaller purchases, like food and beverages, receive much more attention with the growing number of apps for reviews and deals.
  3. Mall rats of yesterday are today’s “got a minute” mobile shoppers.  In an increasingly digital world, attention spans are declining.  Marketers feel pressure to tailor and personalize relevant mobile interactions that fit in with their customers.
  4. Instant gratification is key.  Arc recommends that all retailers offer mobile apps and websites and activate mobile on-the-go and mobile in-store interactions to better compete in this fast-paced marketplace.
  5. Manufacturers and retailers unite.  Researchers advise retailers and marketers to collaborate to create  a one-stop shop where mobile users can redeem discounts, view product specifications and check the status of inventory.

How is your business adapting to the increasing demand for mobile shopping?


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