19 Most Hated Companies in America

Consumer insights on customer satisfaction

The following list is from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) which rates companies based on thousands of surveys.

The most hated industries include large banks, airlines, power companies and telecom companies.  These are not terribly competitive industries and the barriers to switching are quite high versus industries like food and clothing.

Here are the rankings, the satisfaction rating and the topline reasons for why a company is hated:

19. Bank of America — 68 out of 100 — excessive fees for overdrafts and other services

18. Dish Network — 67/100 — incorrect billing and poor customer service

17. Cox Communications — 67/100 — unexpected extra fees, up to $480 to cancel

16. Pacific Gas & Electric — 67/100 — plans to raise fees and recklessness

15. J.P. Morgan Chase — 67/100 — satisfaction continues to go down as the combined banks get larger

14. AT&T Mobility — 66/100 — dropped calls, especially in New York and San Francisco, unable to keep up with iphone and bandwidth demand

13. LA Department of Water and Power — 66/100 — billing problems and price hikes

12. Long Island Power Authority — 65/100 — billing glitches and overcharging customers

11.  United Health — 65/100 — coverage denials, mishandled claims

10. Facebook — 64/100 — user privacy, personal information protection, source of viruses

9. MySpace — 63/100 — user privacy, personal information protection, poor user interface

8. American Airlines — 63/100 — baggage fees and service cutbacks

7. United Airlines — 61/100 — flight delays, baggage fees

6. U.S. Air — 61/100 — poor cabin crew service, baggage fees, baggage handling

5. Charter Communications — 61/100 — improper billing practices

4. Comcast — 59/100 — poor communications of upgrades and billing increases

3. Time Warner Cable — 59/100 — a PR disaster for a decade and beyond, acts like a utility with no competitors and doesn’t care about the customer.

2. Delta Airlines — 56/100 — additional costs for food, beverages and baggage.  Generated $952 million in baggage fees in 2010, twice as much as any other airline.

1. PEPCO (Potomac Electric) — 54/100 — 70% more outage than customers of other big city utilities and the outages last twice as long.

It’s interesting that only four (Bank of America, Chase, Comcast and Time Warner Cable) of the 19 companies were on Zogby International’s 2011 Hall of Shame for poor customer service (http://wp.me/pYHt6-pE).

Do you have experience with any of these companies?


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