4 Roles of a Marketer

Consumer insights on the four roles of a marketer

Interesting article by Beth Comstock, Ranjay Gulati and Stephen Liguori in the Harvard Business Review entitled, “Unleashing the Power of Marketing” (http://bit.ly/l8f2gb).

In it they share how GE realized they needed a “real” marketing function within the company — that products would not sell themselves.

They realize that marketers fill four roles:

1. Instigator — think strategically, question the status quo, be willing to push change.

2. Innovator — expand beyond product features and functionality to pricing, delivery, customer engagement, risk-reward sharing and new business models.

3. Integrator — builds bridges across multiple organizational silos and functions to unite them on a single path.  Act as a translator making customer insights relevant and meaningful to people inside the organization.

4. Implementer — build coalitions and persuade others using functional expertise, insights and teamwork rather than authority to mobilize people and get things done.

While all four roles  are essential, the authors note that it’s rare to find all four skill sets in one person.  GE is large enough to partner chief marketing officers with complementary skills.

The rest of us should be aware of where we are strong and were we are not and look to shore up the areas we are less strong with assistance from others.

I believe my greatest strength is that of an integrator.  In what role do you excel as a marketer?

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3 Responses to 4 Roles of a Marketer

  1. Maria O. Vincent says:

    Marketer Act as a translator making customer lnsight relevant and meaningful to people inside the organization

  2. Daniel oteikwu says:

    With those roles above a firm will exel

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