USPS versus E-commerce

Consumer insights on USPS vs. E-Commerce

I just received Direct Marketing News’ Direct Daily.

Headline #1: “U.S. Postal Service Runs $2.2B Q2 Net Loss.”  This after cutting work hours by 3.2%.  It will have to default on payments to the federal government without major legislative changes.

Headline #2: “E-Commerce Spending Up 12% in Q1: Comscore.” U.S. e-commerce sales reached $38 billion in the first quarter.  It was the sixth consecutive quarter of e-commerce growth and the second straight double-digit growth quarter in the U.S.

I know looking at my personal use, e-everything is way up and “snail mail” is way down.

We’ve just canceled our newspaper subscription after having one my entire life.

I pay 90% of our bills online and get upset when the transaction software is down or when I have to write a check to my lawn service and mail it.

Does it make sense to keep funding the USPS?

Would it not make more sense to ensure everyone has free access to the Internet?  Post offices could be turned into free Internet access facilities.

Do we need to wait another generation?

What impact might this have on the federal deficit?

BTW, what Google is doing with Chrome and cloud computing would also help make technology accessible to everyone.


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