4 Keys to Successful Email Marketing

Consumer insights on email marketing

Thanks to the HubSpot gang for another helpful webinar with their content camp on email marketing entitled, “Why Email Marketing is Not Dead” (http://bit.ly/iHgN3k).

Interesting factoids about email in light of the growth and focus on social media:

  • 56% of U.S. marketers are spending more on new media — this includes email marketing
  • 43% of those online believe email is “fun”
  • 63% of mobile email users check their account at least once a day
  • 75% of executives check their email at least once a day via a mobile device
  • 55% of U.S. internet users say their motivation for giving their email address to a company is to get something free in return
  • 56% of U.S. internet users interact with a brand via email versus 1.3% via Twitter and 0.7% via Face Book
  • 58% of U.S. internet users start their online day by reading email

Based on these statistics, email is far from dead.

So, what do you need to do to improve your email marketing efforts?

1.  Segment Your List

– Send the right content to the right audience

– Send email to leads, customers, win-backs, everyone — just ensure they are targeted and relevant

– Increase open-rates and click-through rates by tracking and testing what works and what doesn’t

– Improve your subject line — again by testing different subject lines

– Ensure your content is relevant and timely

– Doing all this will increase the fun and happiness of those receiving your email

2. Set Expectations

– Why should someone subscribe, opt in, to your email list?

– How many emails will they receive each week or month?

– When will they receive emails from you?  When you have news that’s relevant to them? When you have a promotion?

– What will the emails be about?

– What address and brand/person are the emails being sent from?  Recommend that your subscribers add that address to their “safe sender” list

3. Respect Privacy

– Build trust and expectations

– Never sell or share their information

– Create and broadcast your privacy policy

– Use your privacy policy on your landing pages

– Know the CAN-SPAM law and obey it

– Unsubscribe immediately upon request

4. Use an Email Auditing Worksheet

– Work with all company departments in developing your email policy and schedule

– Include all emails in your plan — prospects, leads and customers

– Take the time to do it right, your subscribers will appreciate it

– Think: 1) audience, 2) purpose, and 3) goal

– Consistency is key, as is doing what you say you will do

– Set expectations and live up to them

What are your keys to a successful email marketing strategy?


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