10 Ways LinkedIn Can Help Sales and Marketing Executives

Consumer insights on LinkedIn

I had the honor or shooting a video testimonial on behalf of William Blackmon (http://www.linkedin.com/in/williamblackmon) who teaches a LinkedIn course for business professionals.

In preparing for the shoot, I had the opportunity to consider the ways LinkedIn has helped me in my professional career and how I continue to use it today.

Upon doing some research, I was surprised to see LinkedIn ubiquity and demographics since I first joined.  Today LinkedIn has more than 100 million members making it the number one professional network in the world.

The average household income of LinkedIn members is $91,566 making it a more lucrative demographic than readers of The Wall Street Journal, Fortune or Forbes.  The average member is 45 years old and there is a 51:49 male/female split.

LinkedIn is a goldmine for business prospects.  Here are 10 ways it can help you:

  1. It allows you to position yourself and your firm online by using keywords for differentiation and search engine optimization
  2. It allows you to brand yourself and your firm
  3. It allows you to establish your expertise by communicating your experience directly and by leveraging applications like events, SlideShare, your reading list, your blog, as well as joining and participating in groups
  4. It allows you to build your network and automatically keep them abreast of you and your firm’s activities
  5. It allows you to identify lucrative new opportunities by leveraging the advanced search tool
  6. It allows you to create partnerships and alliances with people both inside and outside your geographic area
  7. It allows you to identify new prospects, new channels and untapped markets
  8. It allows you to find content and thought-leaders for subjects about which you need to learn more
  9. It allows you to automate systems to generate leads
  10. It allows you to know more about your prospect before you make the initial sales call and then provides a vehicle by which you can keep in touch with your prospect and informed of changes that may impact your business relationship

I just installed a new CRM system in my new job and it has a field for each contact’s LinkedIn page.  I believe LinkedIn is a very valuable business tool for any sales person.

If you don’t feel like you’re reaping all of the benefits LinkedIn has to offer, I urge you to check out William’s LinkMeIn course (http://linkd.in/iBQoid).

How have you used LinkedIn to help your sales and marketing efforts?


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