10 Reasons To Use Video On Your Website

Consumer insights on YouTube videos on your website

Interesting webinar by Steve Rotter of Brightcove entitled, “Like, Link, Share, Tweet: Setting Your Marketing and Social Media Strategy.”

While the webinar seemed more of a sales pitch for Brightcove, I did take away 10 reasons to use video on your website.

What I did not takeaway is why YouTube isn’t sufficient — especially for smaller firms.

Here are the 10 reasons I took away, saving the most compelling for end:

  1. Drives business value
  2. Expands audiences and builds brands
  3. Converts browsers into buyer — the power of a video demo or testimonial
  4. User generated content drives awareness — and potentially trust
  5. You can leverage UR codes from print to video — cool way to send prospects to a TV commercial with no time, or content, limitations
  6. Increase interest with video demos, case studies and testimonials
  7. Drive engagement and sharing
  8. Video is 51% of web traffic today and will only increase given the new technologies (mobile, set top boxes, high def, etc.) — I have to assume this is a function of the bandwidth it requires
  9. Video is 53 times more likely to get your website on the first page of search engines versus text only
  10. Video increases the time prospects spend on your site by 344%

YouTube is key for building awareness, improving SEO performance and driving traffic.

While I don’t have the precise statistics, I know the half-dozen videos we have on my company’s website (www.bnm-us.com) generate a lot more traffic than do the text pages — inparticular the product demos.

What’s has your experience been with video on your website?


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