14 Questions to Ask Your Employees

Consumer insights on leadership

Are you a good leader/manager?

Ask your employees the following questions and see if you like what you hear:

  1. My manager cares about my personal well-being?
  2. My manager can recognize when I’m down without asking me?
  3. My manager is involved in community activities?
  4. I am encouraged by my manager to volunteer in the community?
  5. My manager is able to think effectively through complex problems?
  6. My manager has a thorough understanding of our organization and its goals?
  7. My manager encourages me to handle important work decisions on my own?
  8. My manager gives me the freedom to handle difficult situations in the way I feel is best?
  9. My manager is interested in making sure I achieve my career goals?
  10. My manager provides me with work experiences that enable me to develop new skills?
  11. My manager seems to care more about my success than his/her own?
  12. My manager puts my best interests ahead of his/her own?
  13. My manager is always honest?
  14. My manager would not compromise ethical principles in order to achieve success?

How did you do?

How did I do?  If anyone I’m managing now, or have managed in the past is reading this, please answer the questions and let me know if we’re in agreement on the areas in which I need to improve.  Thank you in advance for your feedback!


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