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Consumer insights on social media for CEOs

Interesting article in a recent edition of the Harvard Business Review entitled, “Best Buy’s CEO on Learning to Love Social Media” (

Brian J. Dunn, the CEO of Best Buy, believes you can’t just dabble in social media.  You can’t use social media only when things are good.

He’s a heavy user of Twitter and Facebook and learns a lot interacting with customers and employees.  He believes Best Buy’s message has to be where people are — and today that means being on social networks.

Contrary to CEOs who believe social networking is just a fad, Mr. Dunn believes, “If a company, or even its chief executive, doesn’t have a presence on social networks today, that company risks not being in the conversation at all.  Over time, I believe, that can be fatal to a business.”

Mr. Dunn handles his own Twitter and Facebook accounts and tweets throughout the day passing along good things he sees while visiting a store or what he hears about a customer’s experience.

He does get help writing posts for the Best Buy blog.

Best Buy’s social media policy is straightforward — be smart, be respectful and be human.  Disclose your affiliation with Best Buy.  Live the company values — Best Buy will not tolerate discrimination.  Never disclose nonpublic financial or operational information, internal communication regarding promotional activities or inventory, or personal information about customers.  Remember:  protect the brand, protect yourself.

Mr. Dunn sincerely believes social media will deepen his relationship with customers and employees and will deepen the conversation that goes on where they are.

How does your CEO view social media?


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