8 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Marketing Content

Consumer insights on improving marketing content

In a recent webinar by Marketing Interactions, Inc. entitled “Content is Marketing Currency,” eight methods are identified that will help you improve your marketing content’s currency value:

  1. Phrasing — One of the best ways to increase relevance with prospects is to use the language they use to talk about their problems.  If they talk about “bottlenecks,” discussing “performance improvements” may not produce the same level of engagement as using the words they use intuitively.  When you listen to prospects, make note of how they describe important issues.  Listening to your customers may no produce the same results if you’ve already indoctrinated them with some of your company’s terminology and language.
  2. Webinars — One of the ways to get up to speed about prospects is by attending webinars your prospects attend.  It’s helpful to hear other experts talk about issues relevant to your target audience.  What’s really valuable is hearing the questions asked by attendees during the webinar.  Addressing those questions and comments can help improve relevance, credibility and expertise.
  3. Blogs — Following the most active blogs in your industry is a great way to listen to your prospects.  Don’t just look for topics of interest, look for comments.  How people respond to the blogger’s point of view can provide a lot of insight to the concerns, beliefs and interests that are top of mind for your prospects.
  4. Twitter Streams — Hash tag searches for key words or solutions.  Programs like TweetDeck or TweetGrid and dedicate two or three columns to hash tag searches pertinent to keywords your prospects use.  This concentrates how many tweets you have to go through, allows you to easily see phrasing and provides links that are being shared and thought to be important sources of information.
  5. Bit.ly Links — If you copy and paste the link into a browser and add  a “+” (plus sign) at the end and click enter, you can see a stream of who has Tweeted the link and any comments readers have posted.  You can click-through on their Twitter handles to learn more about the people interested enough to share that information with their followers.
  6. LinkedIn Groups — Using profiles of people like your prospects to get a baseline about a specific segment is a good start.  But to get a feel for their sentiment about a topic, you need to monitor and participate in groups to which they belong.  This can provide great insights that translate back to improving content relevance.
  7. Feedback — Direct learning about the opinions and reactions to your company, products and services is available from a variety of sources — webinar attendees, customer surveys, CSRs and salespeople are all sources of information about what’s relevant to your prospects.
  8. Metrics — Paying attention to whether or not prospects are responding to your email is a form of listening, as is measuring bounces on specific web pages and time spent with specific content.  Note the keywords website visitors are using to find your website.  Metrics are the ultimate gauge of what’s working and what’s not.

How do you improve the value of your content to make it more relevant for prospects?


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