7 Ways to Gauge Your Marketing Content

Consumer insights on marketing content

In a recent webinar by Marketing Interactions, Inc. entitled “Content is Marketing Currency,” seven factors are identified that affect the value of your marketing currency (i.e., content).

  1. Time — Are prospects viewing one article for five seconds or spending the time necessary to read the entire piece?  Do your prospects stay for the entire webinar or leave after the first 15 minutes?
  2. Depth — Do prospects read one page and leave your website, or do they click on links to related information and travel more deeply to explore content more fully?
  3. Storyline — Is it evident that prospects follow a directed path through your content or do they click around aimlessly on unrelated pages without settling on any of them long enough to engage?
  4. Interaction — In addition to how many registrants your webinars get, measure the difference between unique attendees and total attendees.  A higher number of total attendees can be an indication that your content is considered important enough to revisit and view again, or that it’s been passed along and shared with others — hopefully those involved in the buying decision.  Even better, how many questions or chats were posed during and post-event?
  5. Social — How many of your prospects and customers are sharing your webinars, white papers and other intellectual capital with their social networks via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or mentions in blog posts?
  6. Opt In — What percentage of prospects who visit your landing pages are opting in for “gated” offers?  This includes webinar registrations, newsletter subscriptions, online demos and other content offers.
  7. Referrals — Are your prospects only visiting your website when prompted by an email?  Or are they coming to you via social media, search returns, peer recommendations or on their own?  Being findable is key for marketing today.  The more accessible your content is — regardless of where your prospects happen to encounter it online — the higher your currency value.

Targeted, relevant content is critical to attracting prospects and gaining trust.  The seven aforementioned points are all ways to determine the relevance of your content.  An eighth way is to ask your prospects what they want/need to know to consider your product or service and to find out what questions members of your sales force field most frequently.

How do you determine if your content is relevant to your prospects?

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