NPS Leaders of 7 Industries

Consumer insights on NPS

I read with great interest Satmetrix’, the developer of the net promoter score (NPS), loyalty leaders in seven industries.

Here are the leaders and their respective scores:

  • Financial Services — USAA = 87% (percentage of customers who ranked their likelihood of recommending the brand 9 or 10 on a zero-to-ten point scale).
  • Insurance — Kaiser Permanente = 28% — the lowest of any industry.
  • Airlines — JetBlue Airways = 60% with Southwest a close second at 59%.
  • Telecommunications — Metro PCS = 41%.
  • Technology — Apple = 72%.
  • Online Services — = 70%.
  • Retail — Trader Joe’s = 82%.

According to John Abraham, general manager of Net Promoter programs at Satmetrix, “Having a great customer experience is critical to a company’s financial performance because it impacts both customer retention and new customer acquisition through word of mouth.”

The grocery and supermarket sector had the highest average NPS of all industries, while insurance had the lowest.

Are you using NPS to measure your customer loyalty?  If so, how does your firm stack up against the industry leaders?


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