Positioning and Loyalty

Consumer insights on positioning and loyalty

Positioning is the long-term positive differentiation of your brand.

The positioning of your brand should not change over time unless your market changes significantly.

Your customers become your customers as a result of your positive differentiation.

A customer is more likely to remain loyal if they share your values.

As such, if you want to maintain your loyal customers, you need to maintain your values and your positioning.

Every company should aspire to have loyal customers.  Loyal customers are less expensive to serve, spend more and provide referrals thereby reducing marketing expense.

Existing customers are more likely to buy your new product or service given their previous positive experience(s) with your brand.

This creates a cycle of buyer confidence since customers know what your brand stands for and what it consistently delivers.

Brand consistency is vital to the success of any brand and even more so in an economic downturn when people, and companies, have less discretionary income and are more cautious about switching brands.

Do you see a correlation between brand positioning and loyalty in your business?


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