Six Ways to Improve Your Digital Content

Consumer insights on digital content

Aprimo has provided a white paper entitled, “Insights to Help Advance Digital Marketing.”

The media landscape has evolved as has the customer.  When thinking about digital content, you need to design it for a prospect who is active, engaged and in control of the conversation.

Following are some suggestions for doing so:

  1. There’s no substitute for an interesting subject line.  Catch the eye of the prospect with a subject line that’s actionable and meaningful.  The more relevant your subject line is to the immediate needs of your prospect, the better your chances of being click on, read and responded to.
  2. Clean up your online presence.  Ensure you have a consistent branding and messaging by cleaning up outdated links and old messages.  Keep your employees informed of any changes so the sales force is aware of updates and the availability of new material.
  3. Make it easy for your prospect and customer.  Prospects and customers today are active, engaged and in control of how they access marketing communication and information.  As the volume of content grows, customers have less time.  As such, simplifying the process for your prospects will increase the likelihood of getting some of their valuable time.  Messaging should be easy to read and understand, short, compelling and meaningful.
  4. Social media is here to stay.  The goal is to create a memorable brand experience for your prospects and customers.  Use a more casual and personable style that will appeal to different segments of readers.
  5. Define, align and personalize.  Use audience segmentation tools to define and target most profitable customers.  Personalize messages to recipients by name, connect with them using relevant content.
  6. Optimize the user experience.  Use analytics to help determine what is resonating with prospects and refine your messages accordingly.  Ensure that each communication with a customer or prospect has a purpose and each offer is compelling.  The more data you have about your customers, and what works in reaching them, the more effective you will be in providing information of value.

How do you improve your digital content?


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