5 Ways to Build the On-Demand Brand in 2011

Consumer Insight On Demand Brand

Rick Mathieson provided a recent webinar entitled “Top 5 Marketing Trends to Capitalize on Now” based on his book “The On-Demand Brand.”

Rick’s suggestions:

  1. Social media is plateauing or declining.  There are spectators, and commenters.  Three rules for improving a social media: 1) most successful social media initiatives are events based; 2) keep it simple, social and light; and 3) be very targeted, enable people to connect.
  2. Be smart with your advertising.  Average click-through rates are still below 0.01%.  Target, but don’t target so well you make your prospect feel like they are being stalked.  Don’t be invasive.  Treat prospects as you would like to be treated.
  3. Branded games are growing in popularity.  72% of adults have played at least one kind of online game.  Put your brand in play.  Ensure the game drives home your value proposition.  Include a call to action during the course of the game.
  4. Mobile is critical.  There are more than three billion internet enabled mobile phones worldwide.  It is the ultimate response mechanism.  Apple has more than three billion iphone apps downloaded.  95% of all mobile users use at least one app.  Text messages sell.  Ensure you include a call to action.  Apps amplify and extend your brand into a broader space.  QR codes simplify, save time and provide ease of access.
  5. Augmented reality is growing.  It’s entertaining.  It educates.  It is engaging.

How are you creating an on-demand brand in 2011?

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