Six Ways Social Media is Reshaping Our World

Consumer insights on social media trends

Survey sampling International ( completed a survey of 1,453 people in mid-December 2010.  The objectives of the research were to determine how people use social networks and how expectations are changing.

The research identified six key trends:

  1. Social networks shape expectations for communication, information and opinion sharing.  One in every 4.5 minutes spent online is spent of social networks.
  2. People want broad reach but still cherish privacy and intimacy.  Everyone prefers individual communication over broadly cast messages.
  3. “Convenience” and “ease of use”  are drivers for preference.  Facebook generates 25% of page views in the U.S. across all age groups  because of its “ease of use” and because “that’s where my family and friends are.”
  4. Younger people use social networks for purchase information; however, trust still needs to be established.  They trust their friends, but not advertisers.
  5. “Heavy” social media users anticipate using social media even more.  They envision integrating e-mail, text and phone with social.
  6. Survey research needs to embrace new standards set by social networks with regards to methodology and questionnaire design.  People what to know when their voice is being heard and the impact of their feedback.

How has social media reshaped your world?


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