Five Ways to Turn Your CRM into a Revenue Generator

Consumer insights on CRM

In the past marketing targeted the broad middle.

Now, with the proliferation of information, sophisticated companies are marketing to smaller segments sending them information that is most relevant to their needs and wants. This generates greater open and response rates and lets prospects and customers know you understand them.

Following are five steps to take:

1. Use your CRM database to segment and identify your target audience in as many ways as data is available.

2. Invest in keeping your data up to date. Empower everyone with access to the database to update data. The pace of data degradation is accelerating and if you do not invest in keeping your data current, it will eventually be worthless.

3. Use characteristics of your best customers to identify your best prospects.

4. Leverage comprehensive, accurate contact details and social media to initiate and build a relationship with prospects and customers.

5. Drive revenue growth via an ongoing commitment to building and maintaining a 360-degree view of the customer throughout the company.

Marketing and sales need to work together to leverage the CRM database defining and tracking what is a well-qualified lead.

What actions are you taking to ensure your CRM database is a revenue generator?


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