Eight Attributes of Outstanding Customer Support

Consumer insights on customer support

Customer support is key differentiator for companies that are committed to having customers for life and those that are not.

Following are eight attributes of companies that provide outstanding customer support:

1. They go beyond traditional metrics to those that drive customer loyalty like first-contact resolution, quality, customer experience, ultimate customer satisfaction.

2. They embrace a customer-centric view of customer support economics — providing optimal levels of service to the right people at the right time. Every customer interaction is critical and is treated as such by the CSR.

3. The quality program is based on the voice of the customer. Your customer support is only as good as your customer says it is.

4. They offer the right non-telephone channels to customers based on data not on assumptions. This means they are monitoring, and responding via, all channels in a consistent and integrated way.

5. They focus on first-contact resolution and give CSRs the tools and training they need to achieve it. Improvements in first contact resolution correlates directly with customer loyalty, employee satisfaction, operational efficiencies and sales growth.

6. They understand the real “why” behind the reason for the call and find ways to turn it into a value opportunity. Any time a customer reaches out to customer support is an opportunity to create a dialogue with the customer and add value to their experience with the brand.

7. They strive to sustain high levels of CSR engagement and retention. Happy employees = happy customers. Engaged employees = engaged customers. Outstanding companies are outstanding at engaging their employees, especially customer-facing employees.

8. They are experts at communicating the value of customer support and its impact on the organization as a whole. Even though most senior managers have never been in a customer support role, they appreciate the ultimate value this portion of the organization provides.

What is your firm doing to be more customer-centric?


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