Five Ways To Enhance The Online Experience for Your 50+ Users

Consumer insights on 50+

While the 50+ crowd may not be using the Internet and social media at the same rate as those 18-to-34, usage is increasing, this age group has significant disposable income and is more brand loyal. As such, if you have current or prospective customers that are 50+ you should ensure you are providing an exceptional online experience.

Here are five ways to enhance the online experience for 50+ users:

1. Creativity. Create a site that differentiates your brand and stands out but is also easy to navigate and builds trust. People 50+ are more concerned with privacy, security and viruses and you need to ensure them your site is safe to surf and you and your firm are trustworthy.

2. Relevance. What issues are critical to your 50+ consumers and prospects? If you don’t know, ask them. Provide information of value and provide plenty of that substantiation for the information you provide that will build trust.

3. Engaging. Make your site easy to read, avoid reversing text out of dark backgrounds. Don’t sell — share. Work to build a relationship. Encourage visitors to create a dialogue — either online or on the telephone. 50+ prefer to speak on the phone more than younger prospects.

4. Memorable. Provide a positive experience so customers and prospects will want to come back to your site again and again, add it to their list of bookmarks, share it with their friends and family.

5. Motivate. Lead prospects to request more information or tell your more about their needs and wants so you can customize your offers and communications.

What have you done to enhance the online experience for your 50+ visitors?

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