Consumer Insights on Being a Trusted Brand

Consumer insights on trusted brands
I recently attended a webinar by Truste ( and read a commentary on MediaPost ( that discussed the importance of being a trusted brand online.

I agree with the four ways to build trust provided in the webinar:

1. Appearance counts. You need a professionally designed website that is clean and neat, well-organized and easy to navigate.

2. Provide transactional assurances.
Provide trust marks “above the fold.” Relieve point-of-action anxieties before they arise. Be clear about forms of payment and delivery, data security and privacy, as well as policies and guarantees.

3. Be authoritative. Borrow trust from better known brands like your clients, the media, trade associations. Don’t try to pass off stock photos as if they are you or your company. If you do, you’ll instantly undermine your trust.

4. Be well thought of in your peer group/target audience.
Demonstrate that you’re part of the social network.

As for the creation of content, provide information of value to your customers and prospects for free. Share your knowledge, your intellectual capital — and don’t make people register to get it. Doing so will help build awareness, credibility and trust of you, your brand and your acuity.

You will become a trusted source of information that prospects and consumers will call upon when they’re in need of your products or services.

What are you doing to build a trusted brand online?

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