Six Key Digital Media Trends for 2011

Consumer insights on digital media
Comscore just published its U.S. Digital Year in Review with a lot of great statistics for reference ( of any digital media trends.

Out of that report came six key digital media trends that all businesses should consider in order to position themselves for success in the coming year:

1. E-commerce — after two years of slow online spending, retail e-commerce saw double-digit growth rates in 2010 with consumers preferring the convenience and lower prices provided by the Internet. An an advertising medium, the online channel is an important driver of offline buying. As such, all marketers need to have a strong online presence and understand how it drives online an in-store behavior.

2. Social — 2010 was another huge year for social media and continued growth is seen for 2011. Businesses without a social media presence in 2011 are likely to be left behind; however, social media may not provide a significant ROI. As such, a significant monetary investment may not be called for. In order to leverage social media, businesses need to gather and use customer feedback and understand how their customers use the medium.

3. Search — continues to evolve with the growth and strategic alliances for Google and Bing. Both will push forward with new innovations, likely with integration of social data to enhance the quality of search results.

4. Advertising — display advertising becomes increasingly sophisticated and advanced and requires a level of sophistication in measurement and effectiveness. More money will continue to be spent in digital media with new placement strategies and increasingly deep, accurate and holistic insights to guide pre- and post-campaign strategies.

5. Video — continues to account for an increasing amount of consumers’ time online as content options, quality and convenience drive people to video. Video ads will continue to offer advertisers an engaging venue to reach their target audience, as well as build an online video library.

6. Mobile — there was a “perfect storm” for mobile in 2010 with smart phone adoption, device innovations (including tablets) and improvement in network speeds. These factors will continue to be strong drivers of mobile media consumption in 2011. Consumers will continue to use mobile devices to obtain real-time price and product information in support of an intended purchase. Mobile advertising will also become increasingly important as the convenience and ubiquity make this platform extremely valuable for advertisers.

Which of these trends is affecting your business the most in 2011?


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