The Top 10 Ways to Improve Customer Service in 2011

Consumer Insights on customer service
Entering 2011, customer and employee loyalty is at an all time low as cynicism is high.

CSRs, sales reps and people who are on the front lines with customers and prospects are the people the most direct responsibility for customers’ satisfaction and happiness.

Here are 10 things to consider to improve service in 2011:

1. Employ a quality assurance program which provides ongoing feedback and coaching to customer-facing employees.

2. Identify activities and systems that need to be updated — especially those that drive away customers. Involve your customer-facing employees in this process. Attentive ones know what clients like and don’t like and this will give these employees a sense of ownership of the process.

3. Adopt a telecommuting plan that gives employees more flexibility and improves your firm’s contingency planning.

4. Pay for and recognize the performance you want customer-facing employees to deliver. Recognize the big wins as well as the little ones.

5. Ensure you have some way to monitor the voice of the customer. Thank them for their feedback and let them know you heard what they said and what you’re going to do about it.

6. Create empowered employee teams to address problem areas and suggest opportunities for improvement.

7. Formalize performance management by adding customer service KPIs to your dashboard.

8. Invest in workforce management solutions that help improve the performance and esteem of customer-facing employees.

9. View expenses around customer service as investments and turn them into revenue generators via customer retention, upsell and cross sell programs.

10. Develop and launch a social media strategy that involves internal team members and enables them to develop and nurture online relationships with customers.

What are you doing to improve your customer service experience in 2011?


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