The Most Important Question To Ask . . .

Consumer Insights on the Most Important Question

The Most Important Question to Ask

. . . during a one-on-one interview.

A lot has been written about the most important question to ask during a customer survey — “would you recommend this product/service to a friend” — also know as the “net promoter score.”

While the answer to that question will tell you a lot about how the respondent really feels about your product or service, I have a question that consistently lead me to more insights.

“What have I not asked you that you think is relevant for me to better understand your thoughts on the subject we’ve been discussing?”

I’ve learned that even the best discussion guide or questionnaire gets to the key issue for all respondents. Rarely, when I have a fully engaged respondent, do they answer “nothing, I think you’ve covered it all.”

More frequently I get an outpouring of different perspectives I had not even considered going into the research. These perspectives offer valuable insights that I’m able to follow-up on in subsequent interviews.

When you’re taking the time to get feedback directly from a prospect or customer, I suggest you end the conversation by asking the respondent if there’s anything else we haven’t covered that’s particularly relevant to what we’ve been talking about — I’ll bet you will be surprised by what you learn and this may be where you get your greatest insights?

What has been your most effective question to ask that elicits unique insights?


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