Five-Steps to Strategic Planning

Consumer Insights on Strategic Planning
The January-February 2011 edition of the Harvard Business Review has an interesting article by Stephen Bungay, “How to Make The Most of Your Company’s Strategy.”

Stephen recommends a five-step process to ensure managers and their direct reports are in complete alignment with the goals they are working towards and the performance measures upon which they will be judged.

Here’s the process from a manager’s perspective:

1. State your intent — what you are expected to do and why.

2. Revise the intent in the context of your company’s current situation.

3. Determine which measures best indicate whether you are achieving your goal.

4. Define the tasks implied by your intent.

5. Define the boundaries, or constraints, that limit your team.

The two variables that are the foundation of high performing teams are: 1) the extent to which people in an organization act in line with the its leaders’ intentions; and, 2) how much freedom people have to take independent action to ensure the objectives of the firm are met.

We are going through a strategic planning process at my firm and there are alignment issues that need to be addressed and resolved to give us the greatest opportunity for success. I look forward to using this five-step process with our management team to increase our odds of success.

What do you do to ensure your team is completely aligned with your leaders’ intentions?


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