Consumer Insights on 11 Steps to Blogging Success

Consumer insights on Blogging SuccessI just attended another very informative webinar on blogging from Hubspot, “11 Steps to Blogging Success” (

Here are the 11 steps followed by the five “keys to success:”

1. Complete a blogging worksheet which maps out the topics and keywords you want to cover. Write about topics your audience will find interesting and useful. Adopt a philosophy of helping your audience understand a relevant topic rather than selling your product or service.

2. Write a blog article. Your only concern should be content. Keep the length between 200 and 400 words.

3. Add an image. Name the image file and the image alt text the keyword you are targeting. Creative Commons is a good source of rights free images.

4. Create keyword rich anchor text links. One or two of the links should be internal and one or two should be external. Anchor text needs to be related to the page content to which you are linking.

5. Add a call to action at the end of your article. The call to action should be related to the article topic. Promote current content or offers at the bottom of each blog. The blog will become a valuable asset for your business.

6. Create key takeaways. One to five bullet points at the end of each article keeping each at 140 characters of less. Takeaways should highlight key learning or action to take, as well as stimulate comments and questions.

7. Create white space. Make your blog easy to read (see Tl;dr []). Avoid long paragraphs that create large blocks of text. Most people skim blogs for relevant information. Make your post easy to scan.

8. Bold important and compelling text. Help readers answer “what’s in it for me?” Search engines place more emphasis on text that is bold. As such, your keywords should be bold if relevant to the article.

9. Write a strong meta description. Think of your meta description as a 140 character call to action.

10. Tag the article. No more than three tags. Make the tags specific to the article topic. This will make it easy to find specific content when your blog portfolio grows.

11. The golden rules of frequency — blog at least once per week, more frequently if you can. Avoid publishing two posts on the same day.

Keys to success:

1. Appoint a blog editor.

2. Build a content team.

3. Create an editorial calendar.

4. Mix in premium content (e.g., white papers, ebooks, webinars, research, etc.)

5. Integrate with social media.

What other suggestions do you have to ensure blogging success?


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