Consumer Insights on Reaching C-Level Executives

Consumer insights reaching c-level executivesThis summer, Forbes produced a report entitled “The Rise of the Digital C-Suite” (  In it we learn there is a generational shift that is transforming executive use of the Internet.

According to the report the Internet is the top information source for executives locating business related information.  More so than references from colleagues, personal networks, newspapers, magazines, television, radio, conferences and trade shows.

The study also found a significant difference in Internet use based on the age of the respondent.  Younger c-level executives relied more on the Internet than did older, and would more often use search engines for research personally versus delegate the task to an assistant.

If you are trying to reach c-suite executives today, here are 10 tactics you may want to consider:

1. Website — updated regularly, not “brochure ware”

2. White paper — eight to 12 page paper telling a detailed story about how you have solved a client’s or industry’s problem.

3. eBook — a report 10 to 40 pages in length that loaded with helpful information and can be downloaded as a PDF.

4. Digital magazine — visually compelling periodical authored and edited in a magazine format.

5. Case study — one to two pages that tells readers about a situation, the solution you provided and the results your client enjoyed.

6. eNewsletter — subscription-based way to share current information about what’s happening in your company or industry that’s of interest to your target.

7. Blog — a way to share your thoughts and knowledge and begin a dialogue with prospects and customers by encouraging comments about the information you provide.

8. E-mail — the electronic equivalent to “snail mail” that allows you to send targeted information to interested prospects and build traffic to your website.

9. Social media — tools designed to help you stimulate dialogue about your community and provide information and assistance to those in your community.

10. eNews release — an electronic press release that may be picked up by other websites and made available to their readers.

It’s critical to have a cohesive strategy to ensure all of the elements you pursue are consistent in look, tone and message; however, each tactic can be very successful in helping you build your brand with c-level executives and will become more important going forward.

What digital tactics have been most successful for you and your business?


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