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Consumer insights, Blog contentI just attended a great webinar, Hubspot’s Customer Content Camp. Wonderful insights and suggestions on the importance of blogging and how to get content. Key findings are summarized below.

Why blog?

  • Blog = better SEO and more traffic to your website
  • 97% more inbound links for companies that blog
  • 55% more visitors for companies that blog
  • 434% more indexed pages on Google for companies that blog — a blog provides fresh content which will increase the frequency of Google, each blog post is an indexed page
  • 46% of companies using a blog have gotten a customer as a direct result of the blog
  • Blog frequency has a strong positive correlation with customer acquisition — blogs generate customers indirectly, they get your company on a prospect’s radar and start to build awareness and trust

Five rules for blog content:
1. Answer industry questions
2. Comment on industry news
3. Provide “How to” content
4. Encourage readers to comment
5. Post consistently

Other suggestions:
– Get good at whipping blogs out — 150 to 300 words shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to write
– Provide information of value — don’t sell, build trust and relationships
– Establish your site as a thought leader — adopt a culture of education
– Write posts that “start fires” (spark controversy or discussions) but not too often
– Make posts fun with photos and video — always include images
– Include long-tail keywords (3 to 5 words) in your headline and copy
– Compare your product or service with that of a competitor
– Put lead capture tools on your blog
– Come up with 50 blog topics instantly by writing down any question a client or prospect has ever asked you about your product or service — think like your client
– Any customer question is a relevant topic for a blog post

What suggestions do you have for generating and improving blog content?


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