Consumer Insights on Contact Center and Web Experience

CSR gathering consumer insightseGain just published Contact Center and Web Customer Experience Megatrends and Next Practices for 2011.

Here are the eight megatrends:

1. The customer is royalty – his or her wish must be your command. This is more true in a recession when a new customer is harder to come by, existing customers are inherently more valuable.

2. Change is the only constant with mergers, acquisitions, consolidation, outsourcing and offshoring. This change should disrupt your customer as little as possible in order to minimize churn.

3. Your agents need 20 pound megabrains to keep up with product proliferation – yours and your competitors, You need to ensure your CSRs are receiving ongoing training about what makes your products and services different and better than the competition.

4. There are more devices than people and you need to be prepared to engage the customer in the way in which they choose.

5. Your customers are getting social, get in front of the parade or be left behind. Your competitors will establish relationships with your customers if you don’t.

6. Green is the new black, just do it. For any new initiatives today, you need to consider the implications on the environment.

7. The buck stops at your desk. Service levels, compliance and customer satisfaction are your headaches.

8. CEOs want to see ROI. Luckily this is easy to do with social media and the right online tracking tools that don’t require a lot of money; however, they will require your time and attention to detail. Define your measures of success, KPIs and dashboard for tracking. Select a listening/monitoring tool and list the channels you need to monitor. Select your web analytics and CRM tools. Analyze and report the results.

Are you prepared to show the ROI of your customer contact and web experience?


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