Consumer Insights on the 8C’s of Customer Experience

I enjoyed reading McMillianDoolittle’s 8C’s of Customer Experience and the retailers who get it right in the National Retail Federation’s blog.

Here are the eight C’s”

Clarity (the right positioning): Whole Foods‘ customers are passionate ambassadors and the retailers’ well-defined positioning, helps them stay relevant in the marketplace. The brand stands for something that’s of high value to their targeted customer and this ensures lasting value.

Convenience (the right location and channels): Walgreens get this right by being close to their customers anytime, anyplace. They’re available whenever, wherever, and however, through all channels, including their drive through drugstores.

Choice (the right selection): Anthropologie and Crate&Barrel, with their great merchandise selection and their appealing presentation of that merchandise, both check the choice box. At the same time their pricing and value is always appropriately communicated – making getting ‘choice’ right, look effortless. It’s fantasy of ownership delivered.

Communications (the right design and layout): Covering all the bases and touching all the senses – Williams Sonoma gets full marks for easy store navigation, great signing at multiple levels and great store design. Furthermore, their clear product signing means customers are clearly communicated with.

Cast (the right team): The Container Store hires and develops brand zealots, who live the lifestyle and love the product. They invest heavily in training and hire, and coach their team to deliver to the highest of customer expectations.

Control (the right process): Giving customers the option to have their meal made to order, customized online and picked up in store is a key strength of Chipotle.

Consistency (across time, place and channel): Using exceptional precision across all functions and channels of customer experience and organization, J.Crew gets consistency right.

Connection (the right relationship): Sephora uses events, mobile apps, and social networks to stay front of mind with their customers.

What brands do you think should have made this list?


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