Consumer Insights on Redefining the Customer Experience

In Retail Redefined, “Redefine the Customer Experience” ( Oracle provides four strategies retailers should consider to build a more intimate relationship with highly social, more demanding customers.

I believe these four strategies are applicable beyond retail and into all B2C and B2B businesses.

1. Deliver on the brand promise.  If you aren’t delivering on your brand promise you’ll be found out sooner than ever before with the growth of social media.  If you don’t have a brand promise then no one will see how you are positively differentiated from your competition.

2. Embrace cross-channel retailing (cross-selling).  Everyone in your company should be fully aware of everything your company offers customers and be able to identify prospects and direct them to the most appropriate sales person.  Siloed organizations need to tear down their silos and see the benefits of cross-selling.

3. Renew focus on the in-store shopping experience.  Are you easy to do business with?  Have you asked your customers and clients?  What can you do to improve the service you provide your customers and clients?

4. Leverage social media to engage customers in new ways.  Smart marketers are using a variety of strategies to take advantage of social media.  Research and learn what social media are attracting most of your customers and clients and create a community in which they can interact.

How are you redefining your customers’ experience in 2011?


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