Consumer Insights on Sphere of Influence Selling

I just got some great information from Donato Diorio, founder of Broadlook Technologies, in his webinar on Sphere of Influence Selling that I thought readers of this blog may benefit.

With the growth of the internet and social media, the effectiveness of reaching prospective customers by telephone will continue to decline. As a marketer or sales person this is important to remember. The quality of your prospects is becoming much more important than the quantity of prospects and you must be able to engage prospects in a more exciting and higher impact manner with messages that influence.

Adding “sphere of influence” to the marketing and sales process can increase the chance of making an initial personal contact (e.g., speak with by phone, in person or via e-mail exchange) by 300%.

Improving the first advance in the sales process is: 1) easy to train people to do; 2) quantifiable, measurable and coachable; and, 3) frequently where people fail to perform the most basic tasks. It involves using technology and doing your research so you have multiple points of influence before you reach out to a prospect.

A key element is having a CRM system than enables you to capture everything you can find out about a prospect from their blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and myriad other social networking sites.

There are four spheres of influence:
1) Power influencers — leveraging a second point of contact triples your chance of success; leveraging a third point of contact increases your chance of success by nine times.
2) Industry knowledge — if you don’t know the business your prospect is in, you’re wasting your time calling them.
3) Prospect knowledge — the more you know about the person you’re trying to connect with, the more ammunition you have to draw on in order to make a connection (e.g., work history, alma mater, outside interests).
4) Strategic positioning — what you have to offer is different and better than the competition and resonates with the prospects pain points.

Adding a shere of influence and saying your phone number twice, in two different ways, increases your chance of making a personal connection nine times. Adding your strategic positioning to that same message increases the chance of success 12 times. Adding your knowledge of the industry to your message increases the chance of success 15 times.

Do you think you and your sales people would benefit by doing some due diligence on prospects before making the call or sending an introductory e-mail?


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