Consumer Insights on B2B Marketing

I enjoyed reading Robert Bly’s articles in Target Marketing entitled, “The More You Tell, the More You Sell” (

Robert starts with David Meerman Scott’s three new rules for marketing and P.R.:
1. Nobody cares about your products and services. What they care about is themselves and solving their problems.
2. All organizations need to be real-time publishers. A brand journalism approach to creating blogs, videos, podcasts, photos that drive action.
3. Have fun. People do business with people they like.

Everyone gives lip service to Rule #1 but most companies continue to talk about themselves and the features or their products and services rather than the benefits that are most relevant to the prospect or customer. The prospect cares about his/her needs, wants, fears and desires. (S)he cares about your product only insofar it can address those needs.

With Rule #2, there is relentless pressure to publish a never-ending stream of valuable content to establish your company as a thought leader in the industry. Today, instead of a few big central media (key trade publications) there are hundreds of little media, each giving us the opportunity to promote our businesses to a highly targeted audience. The major trend in B2B marketing today is to provide information of value rather than product benefits, features, facts and specifications. As blogger Robert Scoble says, “Your output is what people follow.”

Salespeople understand the importance of rule #3. In his book “The Likability Factor,” Tim Sanders says, “When people like the source of a message, they tend to trust the message or, at least, try to find a way to believe it.

How have your B2B marketing efforts changed recently?


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