Consumer Insights on Thank You Notes

I enjoyed hearing “The Power of a Simple ‘Thank You'” ( on American Public Radio’s Marketplace.

The report reinforced the power of writing personal “thank you” notes via a couple of stories where consumers received “thank you” notes when they made a purchase or even a visit to a store.

You can never say “thank you” too much — to your customers, to your employees, to your donors or to your suppliers.

Brett Brohl, owner of writes a “thank you” note to go with every order he fills. He has a lot of competition and believes this personal touch differentiates him from his competitors in a much more cost efficient way than paid advertising.

According to Nancy Koehn, a retail historian at Harvard, we’re returning to a civility, courtesy and way of honoring customers that has been absent for the last 20 years.

Perhaps the recession is driving us “back to the basics” or we’re feeling a need to reconnect with our customers on a personal level.

Etiquette tells us that writing “thank you” notes is the courteous thing to do. It’s also good business. In at least one of the cases in the story, someone who received a “thank you” note made another purchase shortly after receiving the “thank you” note.

When is the last time you write a personal “thank you” note to a customer, employee or vendor?


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