Consumer Insights on Integrated Marketing in 2011

I am an integrated marketing professional. I have developed and practiced my craft for more than 29 years. I recently received an e-mail via LinkedIn from a young man who said he does not meet many marketing executives who are proponents of integrated marketing.

That’s a shame since there’s a lot more marketing venues that need to be integrated today than when I began my career in 1981.

Integrated marketing communications involves the holistic integration all strategies, tactics, policies, activities and resources for a firm to maximize the effectiveness of their marketing budget and its impact on prospects and consumers.

Ultimately, everything you do, everything consumers and prospects see or hear affects their perception of the brand. Given this, you need to ensure that everything you do is consistent with the strategic positioning of the brand as well as the brand message.

Consistent brand image and messaging, both look and feel, along with complementary use of paid and free (P.R. and social) media are all part of an integrated marketing communications program.

When developing an integrated marketing communications plan, I always look at four areas or solution sets: 1) positioning and branding; 2) lead generation/demand creation; 3) channel management; and, 4) customer relationship management. Different tactics and initiatives fall under each of the four solution sets and not all integrated communications plans will need the same level of depth of each solution set. This will vary based on the objectives and strategies of your marketing efforts.

A fully integrated marketing campaign does help produce maximum leads, revenues and profits at minimum cost.

Are you practicing integrated marketing? Would your firm benefit from doing so?


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