Consumer Insights on Imperatives of the Marketing Revolution

I enjoyed the webinar presented by Aprimo in which they shared their imperatives of the marketing revolution. As the new director of marketing for the American subsidiary of an Irish-based company, I plan to take these to heart:

1. Marketing must be accountable — as I shared from the book “Your Marketing Sucks,” you must know that every dollar you are spending is generating a positive ROI. I am implementing CRM software and marketing automation that will enable us to determine the effective of our efforts. At the same time, we are continuing with conferences and exhibitions with a process in place to determine what leads we get from the shows and how these leads are progressing in the sales funnel to determine if we should invest in a future event.

2. The CMO must be the change agent — while I’m not the CMO, I have been empowered to change the marketing of the company from outbound to inbound-focused. We will be using P.R. and social media to build awareness of our company and products and qualified leads to our sales force and distributor network.

3. Let go, customers control your brand — as such, be prepared to treat your customers like royalty and turn them into “raving fans.”

4. Engage customers with conversations — and document those conversations so you can develop long-term meaningful relationships. That’s the primary purpose of the CRM system.

5. Free your content — while you should still copyright everything you produce, there’s no need to charge for it. It is helping build your brand and sell your product, right?

6. Integrate to innovate online and offline — positioning and messaging needs to be consistent across all media since customers and prospects will be interacting with you across all media.

7. Be mobile. Be everywhere. Be relevant. Your customers and prospects are; as such, you need to be. Relevance is the price you pay for cutting through the clutter and being recognized as a thought leader, or at least an information curator.

8. Tear down silos — thank goodness our subsidiary is so small, everyone knows a little bit about everything. And if we can’t help the customer directly, we know who can.

9. Automate the science of marketing — hence our investment in marketing automation software. We need to make a department of 1.5 as productive as a department of 10.

10. Be maniacal. Prove ROI. If I don’t I will have failed in my job and I likely will not have it 2.3 years (the average length of a job today).

Marketing has changed a lot in the past 30 years. I believe the recession has driven marketers to be more accountable and that’s a good thing.

What are you doing to prove the ROI of your marketing efforts?


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