Consumer Insights on Driving Revenue with Marketing Automation

Mac McIntosh of Acquire B2B provided some great information during a recent webinar I thought you might find useful.

Following are his seven ways to drive revenue with marketing automation:

1. Nurture your leads. Use multiple touches and multiple offers while attempting to identify qualified, sales ready opportunities. Build relationships with prospects over time. Communicate with sufficient frequency whereby you’re not forgotten and you don’t become a pest. Do this by only sending relevant messages and offers. Be flexible, prospects rarely proceed in a linear process.

2. Use outbound marketing to follow-up , nurture and qualify your inbound leads. Generate inbound leads with SEO, industry portals, directories and social media marketing. Follow-up with direct mail, e-mail, e-newsletters and telephone.

3. Use marketing automation driven campaigns to drive referrals. Start with a customer survey and follow-up with a drip e-mail campaign.

4. Use marketing automation to up-sell, cross-sell and resell existing customers, as well as asking them for referrals.

5. Increase sales productivity by providing sales with a prioritized list of leads. Determine if they fit with the ideal customer profile. Check the activity level and recency of the lead. Use a lead qualification specialist. Build a rich demographic profile on each prospect. Capture all lead activity. Link to social media profiles. Set appointments for sales mixing in sales and educational offers with personal demonstrations. Create a formal lead flow diagram.

6. Get more out of acquired lists. Do not ask for an appointment, provide information of value. Design multi-step campaigns. Make sure your messages are sent on behalf of real people. Have a compelling subject line on your e-mail that’s 50 characters or less. Keep content brief (2-3 paragraphs), focus on benefits, include a link to an educational item, make it easy to respond, don’t use buzzwords, do use a P.S. and ask the reader to forward to a more appropriate person within the organization, put an additional offer in the signature and use basic formatting that will translate to all devices.

7. Reactivate old leads.

8. Determine how much leads are worth: acquired versus inbound; length of the buying process; recency; activity; list fatigue; cross-sell opportunities and fit with the ideal customer profile.

9. Have a lead nurturing process: ensure sales and marketing are in alignment; choose the right audience; invest in personas; provide valuable content; create the right offers; have conversations; track and measure.

Can you get more out of your leads with marketing automation?


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