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In “The Six Laws of Customer Experience” (, Bruce Temkin of Forrester suggests customers “don’t generally know or care as much about how companies are organized.” While I don’t disagree with Bruce’s suggestion, I am perplexed by FedEx’s lack of integration and believe their lack of integration results in less than optimal customer experiences.

I recently ordered a holiday and anniversary gift for my from a glass sculptor in Atlanta. About a week later, my wife started getting FedEx Ground stickers stuck to our front door. I work out-of-town during the week and called FedEx when I arrived home Friday night.

While the door sticker didn’t have a tracking number, the customer service representative (CSR) was able to discern the source of the package from the door sticker number. A signature was required by the sender.

Since I live a couple of miles from a FedEx distribution center, I asked the CSR if I could pick up, and sign for the package on Saturday. That’s when I found out FedEx Air and FedEx Ground are not integrated.

Not only could I not pick up the package at my local FedEx distribution center on Saturday, it would not be available for pick-up until Monday. Apparently FedEx Ground only operates Monday through Friday.

I was informed the package could be left at a FedEx Office location for pick-up the following week. While this was not optimal since my wife would know the source of her gift when she picked it up, I didn’t have a lot of options. As such, I told the CSR to have the package delivered to the FedEx Office closest to our home and my wife would pick it up the following week.

When my wife went to the FedEx Office location with the door stickers and her ID, she learned the package was not there. Thankfully the person at the FedEx Office location was able to track the package and have it delivered later that day so my wife could pick it up.

Ultimately my wife was able to pick up her gift, it was not without some hassle and she now knows the source of her gift(s).

It seems like FedEx’s lack of integration is resulting in inferior customer experiences. Here’s FedEx’s explanation:

Please be advised that each member of the FedEx family of companies manages its own specialized network of services, including Express, Ground, Freight and International trade and supply chain solutions. Separate operations allow these companies to focus on what they do best because, when it comes to shipping, one size does not fit all.

Have you had a similar experience where the organization of the company is not in the customers’ best interest?


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