Consumer Insights on Trusted Relationships

I began dealing with Atlantic Avenue Tire, not to be confused with Atlantic Tire, when I moved to Raleigh 20 years ago. At first I just had them align and balance my tires. Then I bought tires from them. Then had them do my oil changes. Finally I had them do all service and maintenance to my car.

Over the past 15 years, Atlantic Avenue Tire has done every service on every car I have driven. They are reliable, charge a fair price and I trust what the owner, Richard Leicht, tells me. I know I’m getting a good deal because every year I compare the service charges on my wife’s car, who has her care serviced at a dealer, to my car. I typically put 30 to 50% more miles on my car each year than my wife puts on hers, yet the maintenance and service on my car is typically 20 to 30% less each year.

I’m now employed 80 miles from my home and leave on Monday and return on Friday. I make appointments to have my car serviced by Atlantic Avenue when I’m in town. This Saturday, I got up to go to the gym and noticed my left rear was low on air but not flat. I took the car to Atlantic Avenue Tire, without an appointment. They had me back on the road to the gym in less than an hour after removing a nail and patching the tire.

I appreciate having a relationship with a service provider who knows the importance of my car to me and values my time. I also appreciate Atlantic Avenue Tire being there for me for the past 20 years, earning and keeping my trust.

Needless to say, I’m a “raiving fan” and have referred a number of friends and family to Atlantic Avenue Tire over the course of my relationship with them.

What are you doing to earn your clients’ trust?


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