Consumer Insights on Doing More for Customers

In Zilch, by Nancy Lublin, there’s a chapter entitled, “Do More For Customers.” Nancy wraps up the chapter by asking eleven questions to get you started on doing more for your customers that every B2B and B2C company needs to ask themselves.

1. Is your brand nice or important to your customer? Hint, if it’s not important to your customer, you won’t be selling your product or service to the customer for long.

2. What value does the customer buy from you? If you don’t know the answer to this, start asking your customers and learn so you’ll know what to promote.

3. Why do your customers pick your brand over other brands? What makes you different and better in your customers’ eyes?

4. Do you ever give away freebies? Think about something of added-value that your customer will appreciate. Amazon used to send a bookmark with every book — great promotion, useful item. Don’t know why they stopped.

5. Do you ever aggregate customers? Provide a pass along coupon, bogo or celebrate every 1000th customer served.

6. Do you have a relationship with your customer after the sale? If you adopt a “customers for life” philosophy you will. Start with a thank you note and a satisfaction survey.

7. Where do you operate? Write down the cities and towns where you do business and ensure the people in those communities know you are a contributor to the community and they are buying your products and services.

8. Have you ever considered welcoming clients or patrons to your offices or production facilities for an insider’s view? People much prefer being “insiders” to “outsiders.”

9. Given the age, gender, socioeconomic background, cultural preferences and political leanings of your customers, what social, medical, economic, or other problems would be of primary concern to them? Which resonates most on an emotional level?

10. How does your product or service address that which resonates most?

11. Do you offer special access to customers to encourage their loyalty? Do you treat your customers like you actually care about them? What can you do to convert a loyal customer to a raving fan?


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