Consumer Insights on Blogging

Hubspot just came out with “Better Business Blogging in 2011” ( that’s very useful for new bloggers and provides reminders of the fundamentals for experienced bloggers.

Why blog?
– Establish yourself as a thought leader on something you’re passionate about. I’m passionate about consumer insights, customer satisfaction and college basketball.
– Increase traffic to personal or corporate websites with the use of key words that help to optimize your performance in search engines (SEO).
– Build links to corporate websites.
– Build brand awareness.

Consumers want to know what you have to say and are interested in engaging in a dialogue with you. Are you open to a dialogue with your customers?

Blogs make companies human. They allow readers to know who they’re doing business with and enables you to build a level of trust that’s not possible via paid advertising.

Seven things to do:
1. Get commitment from the person in charge that your company is going to blog
2. Appoint a blogging administrator
3. Share the results of your blogging efforts with everyone in the company
4. Develop an editorial calendar
5. Create a blogging contest among different groups within the company — who can create the blog posts that generate the most feedback or dialogue
6. Write for your target audience
7. Have a plan to market your blog content

Seven things blogging does for you and your company:
1. Develops and shares critical thinking
2. Generates ideas and feedback on those ideas
3. Gets employees, customers and prospects thinking
4. Creates and expands relationships
5. Generate business and referrals
6. Promotes sharing — you with others and others with you
7. Creates value

If you’re a blogger, I urge you to read the “35 Ways to Promote Your Blog” in the whitepaper (

If you’re not a blogger, I urge you to find what you’re passionate about and begin sharing with others.

What are you passionate about?


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