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There’s an excellent article in the November edition of Harvard Business Review on “What’s Your Personal Social Media Strategy?” by Soumitra Dutta (

If you’re a business executive, regardless of your age or level you need a personal social media strategy for three reasons:

1. Social media provides a low cost foundation upon which to build your personal brand and share your personal vision, mission and values. If you don’t take control of your personal brand, unless you’re a CEO with a robust P.R. department, you will not have one. And even if you do have a P.R. department, authenticity in your messaging is critical. Only you can provide a truly authentic message that represents your personal brand.

2. Social media enables you to engage rapidly with colleagues, peers, employees, employers, customers, prospects, the general public and especially the younger generation in a transparent and direct way. A blog is a great way to share your knowledge and your thinking, as well as begin and engage in a dialogue on a subject you are passionate about.

3. Social media gives you an opportunity for instant feedback. You can post a survey on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter or ask for feedback in your blog. Just make sure you are prepared to respond in a timely manner.

Social media is here to stay. It’s changing the way we do business, how we are perceived and how we perceive others. What does not having a photo on your LinkedIn profile say about you?

Social media gives leaders a new, low-cost way to develop your personal brand, engage in conversations with key constituents and learn from new and existing sources.

What’s your social media strategy?

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